この建物は、大分市出身の国際的建築家 磯崎 新(Isozaki Arata)氏の設計により「大分県立大分図書館」として 1966(昭和41)年に完成し、以来、多くの市民の方々に親しまれてきました。1996年の県立図書館の新築移転にともない、 大分市は県から土地・建物を譲り受け、市民のための文化情報の交流の場「アートプラザ」として、活用再生をはかることにいたしました。
This building was completed in 1966 as “Oita Prefectural Library”. It was the design of Arata Isozaki. He is the international architecture and from Oita. It has been popular among the citizens since then. When Oita Prefectural Library removed in 1996, Oita city decided to take over and to renew it.It has become “ART PLAZA” which is cultural place for citizens.
ART PLAZA is a cultural complex facility. There are a gallery and a room for creative activities on the first and second floor. It’s useful for people to have positive cultural activities. On the third floor the models and the materials of Arata Isozaki’s works in the world over are exhibited. They are open to public.